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Why choose Shanghai EU Software Technology Co., Ltd.?


Shanghai EU Technology Co., Ltd. (Eusoft) is a global provider of IT consulting, solutions and services.

The company's headquarter is located in Shanghai, the R&D center is located in Shenyang, and the branch is located in Tokyo, Japan. Customers are mainly distributed in China, Japan, the United States, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries, with rich experience in international projects.


The company focuses on service fields such as intelligent manufacturing, drug serialization, mobile applications and cloud computing, and is committed to helping every customer who cares about users and services to succeed. Adhering to the team concept of "professional, home, dream, responsibility". Taking creating greater value for users as its own responsibility, it has excellent delivery capabilities and has established a complete after-sales service system.


Eusoft has a team size of 20+, including consultants, R&D and testing teams. Among them, the members of the consulting team have worked in well-known companies such as SAP and Infor for many years. The members of the R&D and testing team are all from Neusoft, with 10+ years of IT service experience, master CMMI5 and agile development process, and continue to be SONY, PHOENIX CONTACT, Large domestic and foreign companies such as RECTICEL provide IT services.


It has reached partnerships with many well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Sony, Nubinno, Qlik, Zebra, Uipath, Varicut, etc., and has cooperated in many fields such as intelligent manufacturing, drug serialization, data integration and analysis.


The company masters the current popular development languages and frameworks.

Business system: front-end (HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, Vue, etc.), back-end (Java, Python, etc.)

Terminal applications: Windows (WPF, C#/C++/C), Android/iOS/MacOS Native and cross-platform (Xamarin/React Native) development

Cloud: AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Private Cloud

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